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How to stop corporatocracy’s corporate takeover of the U.S. economy

How to stop corporatocracy’s corporate takeover of the U.S. economy

The new corporatocrats will rule over all of us, from the big banks to the media, the economy’s big corporations, the big airlines and big banks, the power brokers in Congress and the White House.

They’ll be the ruling class, as they are now.

The power is concentrated, they will be able to make decisions on everything, from health care to education to the environment.

But they will also be able take away our liberties and rights, including the freedom to choose whom to elect.

They will be the rulers, as the Founding Fathers predicted they would be.

They are the rulers of our lives.

The Founders warned of the danger of the new rulers, which is that they will use the new ruling class as a tool to impose their will on the rest of us.

We will have to take a stand against this.

It is the only way to save our democracy.

The corporate takeover and the war on the American workerThe corporate takeover will take many forms, but it will take a few very simple ones: it will start with the banks.

The banks are now owned by the big corporations.

They control the money, the political process, the media and the economy.

The corporations are a very important part of the economy and we are witnessing the birth of the corporatization of the American economy.

We are now in a situation where we can no longer trust the banks to be able and willing to hold their balance sheets, because they have become too big to fail.

It was not until after the 2008 financial crisis that the big American banks, like Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup, were able to be bailed out.

The bank bailout was one of the first of the big government programs.

Now they are being taken over by the new corporatenocrats.

The big banks will be given a free hand to do whatever they want.

It will be all over the map.

This is a direct attack on democracy, on individual liberty and on the rights of the individual to choose what kind of bank to be.

It has nothing to do with any other issues.

The government will be allowed to do what it wants with the financial services that the corporations have monopolized for so long.

There will be no oversight.

It’s just like the banking system.

We won’t know what the banks are doing, and we won’t be able even to tell if the banks have been taking deposits.

The next big step is the corporate takeover.

The biggest banks are going to be run as public utilities.

They’re going to become the regulators of everything.

They can charge whatever they like, as long as they don’t get too big and get too corrupt.

They won’t need to be audited by a single regulator or to report on their operations.

They have the power to do anything, as their CEOs are going on record saying they will.

They own the government and they can do anything.

The people will be powerless.

It sounds like a radical idea, but the banks and their regulators are already doing everything they can to make sure the public doesn’t know who’s running the banks or what they’re doing.

The CEOs of the biggest banks, and the bank executives who make up their boards of directors, are going through the revolving door, becoming political appointees and lobbying for the new government.

The revolving door is a major source of corruption in Washington.

When a former lobbyist gets the chance to work in government, they tend to stay in government.

It makes sense that a big bank executive or a CEO with a bank background would go to work for the government, to lobby and support the new corporate rulers.

Corporations can’t have CEOs who are going into government or government employees.

We know this because we know the revolving doors that are already operating.

The new government is going to have to appoint the new bankers to run the banks as well as the other businesses.

So it will be like the revolving-door system.

Corporatocracy will have full control over the banking industry and the American political system.

And that’s why we need to stop this corporate takeover now.

Corporatism is the enemy of liberty and of freedom.

Corporateocrats are trying to take control of the entire economy by taking control of our political process.

Corporates are trying their hardest to destroy any semblance of our civil liberties and civil society.

They’ve already taken over our political system and our media, but they’re going further.

The corporatocrat takeover of government is about to start.

We need to stand up against this new corporatism.

The Corporatocrats Are Coming to Take Over AmericaThe corporatocratic takeover of American society is just beginning.

It began with the big bankers and their bankers.

The bankers control the banks, they have full political power.

And they control the news media.

Corporately, they control many other important institutions.

They take control over our schools and our libraries


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