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Corporate coaching services company has £4.6bn contract with Castle brand

Corporate coaching services company has £4.6bn contract with Castle brand

A top corporate coaching service provider has been contracted to run the Castle brand for a further five years.

The company, which is based in Glasgow, has been run by the firm’s CEO, Robert Stoddart, for the past three years.

However, he is understood to be in discussions with the company’s management about extending the contract.

The deal will see Stoddarts team running the company for another five years with a view to bringing in another company.

Stoddart said: “The contract we signed with Castle is going to run for another two years.”

I have been with the Castle team for three years now and have a really good relationship with the directors and management.

“The future of the company and the brand is very bright and I am looking forward to working with the management to take it forward.”

Stoddarts company has a turnover of more than £4bn.

The firm’s contracts with other brands in Scotland have been extended for the next five years to 2019.

Stodart said the agreement would be “huge” and would enable the company to continue to grow.

He added: “We will be able to expand our services to new markets and meet the growing demand for our services.”

We are looking forward working with Castle to take Castle to a new level of success.

“The firm has worked closely with the Royal Bank of Scotland for many years, and has helped some of the UK’s most famous brands to grow and flourish.

Its success has also seen it acquire a number of high profile clients, including Rolls Royce and Vauxhall.

In a statement, the company said it was “deeply humbled” by the opportunity to work with Castle.

It added: “”This is a truly fantastic opportunity for our team, and we look forward to growing our business in Scotland.”

The company’s directors have also thanked the company, saying it has made a huge contribution to their careers.

In an open letter, they said: “”I am so proud of the work we have done to make this happen, both as a team and individually.

“Our business has benefited from the constant support from the Castle family, as well as from our partners at other organisations in Scotland, and the support of our own dedicated management team.”

In this difficult economic time, we are able to make our commitment to our family and our community a reality.

“It is a testament to the care and dedication of our team and our team of directors that we are on the same side of this deal, and will be working closely together to ensure the success of the Castle brands in the future.”


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