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Corporate screening services provider American servicing corporation says it will not accept any customers who have been screened by Chinese agents

Corporate screening services provider American servicing corporation says it will not accept any customers who have been screened by Chinese agents

By The Next WiresPosted October 01, 2018 05:00:38American servicing corporation American servicing has confirmed it will no longer be accepting Chinese customers to review its servicing products in a bid to stop Chinese agents from infiltrating its services.

According to a report by The Next Wire, American servicing is one of three major corporations to refuse Chinese clients to review products.

The other two are the Chinese telecommunications company China Telecom and the electronics and medical equipment company PPL.

In a statement, the company said it would “take measures to strengthen its control over our own service and to eliminate the possibility of unauthorized agents infiltrating our services.”

The statement also said American servicing will not continue to accept Chinese clients, “as they are not compliant with our policies.”

“We do not accept the use of any foreign agent in our servicing, nor will we accept any customer from China,” the statement said.

Chinese agents have been found to have infiltrated American service for years.

Last month, a Chinese man named Zhang Guoqiang infiltrated American customer service via a fake website and secretly edited a service document to make it appear that he was a Chinese agent.

Zhang was later arrested and charged with stealing $1.8 million from American customers.

The Chinese government has denied any involvement in the incident.

The Next Wire said that American servicing had previously agreed to a deal with the Chinese telecom company to allow the Chinese government to review the products and send the results to the company.

However, it said that the new deal with PPL has not been ratified by Chinese regulators.

“While the PPL review process is still in the works, we are not aware of any progress on this,” American servicing said.

“This will require additional review by the relevant authorities, as we are the only service provider in the world that is not compliant,” the company added.

American servicing also confirmed that its other major Chinese partner, China Telecom, will no more accept any new Chinese clients.

Under the new agreement, American service will only accept foreign clients who have passed a Chinese national security clearance test, according to the statement.

China Telecom has already started screening the new American service, and American service has said it is “pushing for the Chinese national authorities to approve the American service.”

According the report, the new service will also be subject to rigorous screening procedures.

At the same time, the Chinese company has begun using a third-party Chinese expert to review American service.


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