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IPAC says it’s a company that has helped it survive in tough times

IPAC says it’s a company that has helped it survive in tough times

Posted May 13, 2020 08:23:09 AUSTRALIA’S major internet providers have defended the way they handled the major cyber attack on their networks and say it was “a natural and inevitable consequence” of the threat.

Key points:The National Broadband Network (NBN) was not fully protected, with more than 2 million Australians affected by the attackThe NBN has also suffered severe losses from the cyber attackThe Federal Government said the damage had been significantThe NBN’s chief executive Steve Adcock has said the attack was “not a natural or inevitable consequence of the cyber threat” and that “a number of things” prevented the network from functioning fully.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has also come under fire for not having fully protected the NBN before the attack.

The major Australian ISPs have said the network was fully protected by their IT departments and was fully secured on the day of the attack, which impacted about 100,000 customers across Australia.

“There is no doubt the impact of the recent cyber attack was significant, and we are taking every opportunity to address the impact and mitigate any potential damage,” a statement from the National Broadbands Network (NBNT) read.

“It is important to stress that there is no evidence to suggest the cyber security of the network has been compromised, and the Network is fully operational.”

“As a result of this cyber attack, the Network was not only impacted by a severe outage, but also impacted negatively on a number of services including data transfer, billing, and network monitoring.”

While we do not yet have an exact figure for the total loss of services impacted, we are working to establish an accurate figure, and will provide further details as soon as we can.””

The Network is also continuing to work to mitigate any possible damage caused by the incident.

We are providing updates to our customers as they become available, as well as providing a range of mitigation measures, including the ability to switch off services in case they are not being used to their full potential.

“Network security ‘not a factor’ for the attackNBN Co (NBS) chief executive Stephen Adcock said the company was not concerned about the attack having an impact on its ability to serve Australians.”

As soon as the Network became aware of the potential attack on the network, we deployed a network security system to fully secure the Network, including by setting up an IT infrastructure in conjunction with our telecommunications companies,” Mr Adcock told ABC News Breakfast.”

That was a natural and unavoidable consequence of this threat, and it is not a factor in any way to the overall network security.””

There were a number, as you know, of things that happened in the past week, a few days that we did not have the resources to respond to and those things were not a natural part of the ongoing process of network security that we have.

“Mr Adcock also said the Network had been “the victim of several other cyber attacks”.”

We’re going to continue to work with the telecommunications companies to mitigate those and get the Network back to its pre-attack state,” he said.”

I’m confident that we will be able to respond quickly to this.”NBN co chief executive says NBN has been “tough” but says cyber attack is not reason to stop buildingThe National Communications Commission’s chief information officer, Peter McQuaig, said the cyber attacks had been part of an ongoing process that had “toughened up” and made NBN Co “trouble-free”.”

The NBN is currently undertaking a number different processes to protect its networks, and these are ongoing and are not a cause for us to stop our progress,” he told AM.”

This is part of a normal process that the NBN does in order to protect our network.

“In the long term, the NBN will need to continue working through this process.”

Mr McQuanig said the NBN had been taking steps to ensure it was not in the “worst-case scenario” and said the Cyber Security Response Team (CSRT) would work with other government departments to “make sure the NBN is protected”.

“As part of our network security processes, we have an active CSRT to make sure that we continue to have a robust network,” he added.

“We are also providing additional information to help the NBN to mitigate potential impact from the incident.”

The Federal Police are also investigating.

“The Federal Bureau of Investigation is working with NBN Co and other organisations to provide information to assist with this investigation,” a spokesperson said.NBN says ‘no reason to believe’ the attack on network is the work of a single actorIt is not the first time the NBN has suffered major losses from cyber attacks.

In 2014, NBN Co suffered $100 million worth of damages in a cyber attack that was not attributed to a single hacker.

Nelson said the government would


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