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The Next Big Thing in Home Security: Printing Services Corporation

The Next Big Thing in Home Security: Printing Services Corporation

New York’s premier print service corporation is getting ready to start a whole new chapter in its history, launching a new business model that will offer printing services to individuals and businesses, the company announced Wednesday.

The New York Printing Services Corporation will soon be launching an all-new business model, the first of its kind in the United States, to offer a more personalized service to residents of New York City, according to company president and CEO James J. Feltgen.

It’s an important milestone for a company that has long been a stalwart of the printed paper industry, he said.

The new business models will allow for a more customized service that can be personalized to the individual, FeltGen said in an interview.

Feltgen, who was born and raised in New York and now lives in Chicago, was born in Brooklyn, but moved to Manhattan as a young boy.

He went on to study at the New School in New Jersey, where he met and married a businesswoman who later became his wife.

The two met at the annual New York World’s Fair in the 1930s, when Feltger was a student there.

She was also a member of the New York Metropolitan Opera and the New Brunswick Symphony Orchestra.

After graduating from college in 1945, they bought a home in Queens and started printing.

Founded in the 1960s, the printing company has more than 100 offices and more than a million members across the country.

Its print offerings range from paperbacks, magazines, and books to stationery, apparel, and even furniture.

Felsegen said that its business model was to be a print supplier to businesses in the local area, as opposed to an individual service provider.

For consumers, the new model will allow customers to choose a personalized service, rather than relying on a print service provider that specializes in one thing.

“We’ve been able to make this change because of the level of customer service and the level we’ve been given by our customer base,” he said, adding that he and his wife hope to open a new printing service in the coming years.

The service will be available in more than 30 New York boroughs.

The company will provide personalized service options for residents of four boroughs, including Brooklyn, the Bronx, the Staten Island, and the Westchester and Queens areas.

Customers will also be able to opt to have their services billed at the time of printing or at the end of the day.

The company plans to offer more services in future years.


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