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The world’s most expensive hotels, listed by the price per night

The world’s most expensive hotels, listed by the price per night

When the first-ever Hilton hotel opened in London in 1859, it was a bargain compared to other luxury properties.

Its first-floor suite cost just £10 a week, but its price per month was around $20.

In fact, Hilton’s initial launch price was so high that the company was forced to cut the price in order to stay afloat.

This week, we take a look at the ten most expensive hotel suites in the world.1.

Horseshoe Hotel, New YorkCity, USHorseshoes, golfing shoes, golf balls, and other accessories have a long and storied history in luxury hotels.

But the average price per room at some of the world’s priciest hotels has been rising steadily over the past few decades.

This year, the average room price at the world and the most expensive luxury hotel is $1,835 (in the US).2.

The Palace Hotel, SingaporeSingapore’s capital city has long been famous for its expensive restaurants and bars, but the average hotel room price in Singapore has doubled since 2008, to $1.3 million ($2.9 million).

That’s almost twice the average monthly salary in Singapore ($700).3.

Aloft hotel, DubaiDubai is known for its luxury resorts and beaches, but in recent years, the city’s average hotel price has increased by an average of more than 30% per year.

The number of expensive hotels in the UAE has tripled since 2011, reaching more than 20,000 in 2013, according to the Dubai Tourism Bureau.4.

Shangri-La Hotel, Paris, FranceOne of the most exclusive hotels in France, Shangri La is home to some of Europe’s most prestigious hotels, such as the Château de Ville and La Belle Époque.

Shang tolle (or Shangri) La has an average price of $3,300 per night, while the most luxurious of the five most expensive properties in France are in the $4 million range.5.

Al Fresco Hotel, MexicoAl Fresco is a luxury hotel in the resort city of Mar del Plata, Mexico.

Its average price is $3.5 million ($4.6 million), and the five luxury hotels in Mexico are in that range.6.

Shangring Mall, Taipei, TaiwanShangri-la hotel in Taipei is the city-state’s most exclusive property.

It is home, among other things, to the world-famous Shangri Kei restaurant and other premium establishments, including the Shangri Lion and the Shangrila.7.

The Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles, CaliforniaThe Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles is one of the city is most expensive and one of its few luxury hotels, but it’s not the only one with its own unique charm.

The hotel’s $3 million price tag is less than the average salary in the United States ($3,000 per month).8.

The Ritz Carlton Hotel, Melbourne, AustraliaThe Ritz has been Australia’s most famous and most famous luxury hotel for nearly two centuries, with its famous roof, opulent amenities, and iconic location.

The $4.5 billion price tag for the hotel’s latest incarnation is nearly $2 million (in Australia).9.

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Hong KongIn this iconic hotel, the Mandarin Oriental has been Hong Kong’s most luxurious property for decades.

Its price per day is just over $5,000, but with its location at the heart of the financial district, the hotel has become an international icon.10.

Luxor, Venice, ItalyLuxor hotel in Venice, one of Europes most luxurious hotels, has seen a price increase of more.

Its hotel has doubled in price since 2008 to $3 billion ($4 billion).11.

The Palazzo della Toscana, Rome, ItalyA spectacular Italian landmark, the Palazzos Palace hotel in Rome has been the world famous Italian resort for more than two centuries.

Its original price of more then $3 per night was more than triple the average annual salary in Italy ($300 per month) in 2014.12.

The Guggenheim Museum, New JerseyGuggen, the Guggin’s New York property, has a price per week that’s almost $4,000.

Its most expensive property is in the same price range.13.

Marriot, ParisMaravel has long had a reputation as one of Paris’ most expensive cities, but over the years, its popularity has waned.

The price per hotel in Paris has risen to over $10 million ($11 million) over the last two decades, according the French tourist agency Théâtre des Touristes.14.

The Luxor hotel, ParisMarriot, FranceThe Marriot is the oldest luxury hotel on earth.

It has been a fixture of


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