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Which company owns the NHS?

Which company owns the NHS?

A quick survey of the biggest names in the NHS has found that all three are owned by the same company.

As it turns out, the Royal Free NHS Trust (RFTN) owns the majority of the NHS, while the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) owns about a quarter.

The NHS is the largest single source of public funding in the UK, but the RFTN is the biggest shareholder, with a 30 per cent stake in the health service.

According to data from data provider, Statista, the RBNP is the fourth biggest shareholder in the government-owned Royal Free Hospital and Care Homes (RRH).

However, the biggest RBNB shareholder is the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), which owns about 7.7 per cent of the UK’s banking and financial services.

These three firms make up a relatively small proportion of the total NHS’s shareholding, which has shrunk in recent years to just 1.3 per cent.

But it’s not just the RBS which owns most of the big health companies.

Health and social care companies are also big shareholders in a number of other major NHS providers.

For example, the National Health Service (NHS) owns almost all of its private health care services, as do several other public sector bodies.

Private health firms, such as Wellcome Trust, are also part of the public sector health system.

The RFTM is also a major shareholder in two of the top private health firms in the country, Royal Free Hospitals and Wellcome, which together hold almost 40 per cent in the RFS.

Both the NHS and the RHR are part of a £2.8 billion NHS Trust.

However in a way, these three companies are still very much part of this system.

NHS trusts and the Royal Health Care Trusts are different entities with different functions, but there are similarities in that they have a single mandate: care for the sick.

This is where the NHS’s role comes in.

Most NHS trusts and health providers are based in England, and the majority are run by the Government.

So the RNTN has an important role to play in shaping the NHS.

While the RTB and RBNs have a big stake in NHS, there are other major stakeholders in the system, including the private sector.

In particular, the Department of Health owns a large proportion of hospitals in England and is the main provider of private health services to the public.

The NHS has a number more public sector hospitals.

More information about the NHS can be found at the NHS website.


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