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Why you may be a target of political advertising: Is it a legal risk?

Why you may be a target of political advertising: Is it a legal risk?

The US Federal Election Commission says it is not required to disclose political advertising, which is considered a form of advertising, on election night. 

But a former US attorney general, Joe Biden, who has championed campaign finance reform, said it would be unethical for the commission to be “clueless about the risks of this type of political communication”.

“Political advertising may not be regulated in a way that would ensure that the integrity of the election process is protected, but it is certainly possible to engage in political advertising that is misleading and misleading messages,” Mr Biden wrote in a letter to the commission in September, which was obtained by The Washington Post.

“Such communication is inherently illegal, and it may be unethical to know the extent to which this is so.” 

What is political advertising? 

Such advertisements do not have to be political in nature, but they may be misleading, and can be highly effective.” “

They may or may not contain a disclaimer that the information they contain is not intended to influence an election.”

Such advertisements do not have to be political in nature, but they may be misleading, and can be highly effective.” 

How do I know if I have been exposed to political advertising before? 

If you are currently a registered voter, you are a likely candidate for an office in the US. 

There are three ways to be identified as a potential target of advertising: You have received the campaign finance disclosure form (often called the ‘election finance filing’) from your local election authority. 

You registered to vote as a Republican, Democrat, or Libertarian candidate, or are currently registered as a Libertarian candidate. 

And you voted in the last election for one of the three political parties. 

For more information on how to check if you are eligible to vote, see: How to check to see if you voted for the candidates in a recent US election How can I protect myself against political advertising in my area? 

There is a number of ways to protect yourself against political ads, including: Displaying a ballot or ballot box in person (this can include your local polling place or your office, or at your polling station). 

Making sure your voter registration form (VRS) is correct (see our guide on VRS). 

Being vigilant about the types of advertising that you receive. 

Educating yourself on how the advertising industry works, and what it does for the big corporations that pay for it. 

Being a responsible citizen, and asking your elected officials to take a closer look at how political advertising works. 

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